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Jarlshof Shetland Sheep


jarlshof shetland sheep


We decided to add Shetland Sheep to our farm for their exceptional temperaments and size making them easy to handle. We are going to specilize in fine fleece which is great for garments against the skin. We have both horned and polled rams (ewes are polled) in many colors and patterns. Our shetlands are NASSA registered and also FFSSA if possible. My goal is to have all superfine grade 1 sheep, but I will keep one or two fine grade 2 sheep in the flock sometimes based on other merits. I have a picture of the FFSSA wool grading chart below.

I admire the sheep for their health, parasite resistance, easy maintenance, and basic needs. I have never needed to deworm any of my sheep as of yet. They always have great FAMACHA scores. I also haven't had to assist with any births, and the lambs just ump up shortly after birth ready to follow their mothers. They are great at keeping the grass down and maintaining their body conditions with minimal feed. The lambs grow very quickly just on milk. Shetland Sheep have been my favorite breed.

We do annual micron testing for all yearlings and adults.


Ewes/Ewe Lambs

**Click on the individual picture to go to pedigree**

Craigmour Margot

NASSA S 53835


Premium Grade 1

23.9 micron/19.9% CV

92.3% CF

craigmour margot

Craigmour Cassiopeia

NASSA S 53837

Moorit Krunet

Premium Grade 1

22.3 micron/17.0% CV

97.3% CF

craigmour cassiopeia

Linden Lane Stella II

NASSA S 55573

Grey Katmoget

Premium Grade 1

19.9 micron/18.4% CV

100.0% CF

linden lane stella ii

Linden Lane Dott

NASSA S 55813

Black Flecket

Premium Grade 1

21.9 micron/17.7% CV

98.6% CF

linden lane dott

Linden Lane Eclipse

NASSA S 55577

Black Flecket

Premium Grade 1

20.5 micron/21.3% CV

98.0% CF

linden lane eclipse

Jarlshof Aquila

NASSA S 55463

Grey Katmoget

Premium Grade 1

19.8 micron/16.8% CV

99.7% CF

(Gandolf x Cassiopeia)

jarlshof aquila

Jarlshof Athena


Fawn Katmoget

(Wakanda x Margot)

jarlshof athena

Jarlshof Vera



(Wakanda x Eclipse)

jarlshof vera

Ram/Ram Lambs

Linden Lane Gandolf

NASSA S 55037

Grey Katmoget, Polled

Premium Grade 1

22.7 micron/19.0% CV

94.4% CF

linden lane gandolf


2024 Breeding Plans

Gandolf will be used for all ewes.


2023 Wool Samples

wool 2023


2022 Wool Samples

wool data 2022


Wool Grading Chart off of the Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association website


ffssa wool grading


shetland sheep


shetland sheep



Past Rams

WhitePine Wakanda

NASSA S 53848


Premium Grade 1



whitepine wakanda