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Rivendell of New Horizons

AHR Haflinger



15.1 hands

We bought Rivendell in utero as our future dressage horse. She is showing a lot of promise and has a bold, sweet personality. She is extremely athletic and has exceptional gaits.

Rivendell won Site Inspection Champion Foal with a Gold Premium status and 8.2 score at the 2015 Michigan RPSI inspection. She also took 4th place at the AHR National Futurity in the junior weanling class. She also is now Premium Mare Book 1 Westfalen and completed the AHR mare inspection.

Rivendell has excellent genetics from her sire Stellar TVR and dam Ricola DTA.

Stellar is an approved stallion through AHR, Weser-Ems, RPSI, and AWS. He is silver classified in AHR with 77 points. At the 2013 North American Stallion Testing he received: Interior-8.38, Walk-7.0, Trot-7.25, Canter-7.75, Rideability-7.75, Jumping (free jumping and stadium jumping)-7.75, and cross country jumping-7.88, for an overall score of 7.98. He is currently being professionally trained in dressage and should debute in competitions in 2016.

Ricola DTA is a silver classified and inspected mare. She was also awarded Premium status by RPSI and Site Champion Mare in 2014 and is red Preferred AWS inspected.


Photos at 9 months old

RPSI Inspection (3 months old)




(A CN 34826) 30359-WC-08


(A liz.266/T)

STANDSCHUTZ (A liz. 201/T)
MORY (A 16299/T)


(A 18496/T) 30358-04

ALTESS (A liz.233/T)
CLARI (A 14332/T)




(A CN 24187) 2957-C-90

AFGHAN II (A Pr. 1338)
ANNETTE (A 13916/T)


(A CN 30973) 15728-C-00

NABUCCO (A 1514)
RANKA (A 15824/T)