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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We strive to breed top quality ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats.

We aim to produce a strong dairy goat with good, functional structure. We plan to have our goats yearly linear appraisal as well as show them. Our lines include exceptional farms like Old Mountain Farm, Feather and Scales Farm, Kaapio Acres, Buttin'Heads, Rosasharn, Kyeema Ridge, Dawnland, Painted Pepper, CUatLilRedBarn, Meadowmist, Dragonfly, Flat Rock, Piddlin' Acres, Honey Locust, Wood Bridge, Irish Whisper, Zanzabeez, Enchanted Hill, PromisedLand, J-NELS, Caprine Acres, Gypsy Moon, and more.

We have also incorporated three offspring of the great SG *B Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk 2018 Premier Herd Sire, Sire to the 2018 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion SGCH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk, Sire to the 2018 ND National GCH and Best Udder CH Old Mountain Farm Merriment.

kyeema ridge the kid

Sales Policy

We reserve the right to keep any of our kids from any breeding.

To reserve any individual goat, kid or adult, we require a deposit of 50% of the purchase price within 5 days. No goat will leave the property without cleared payment in full. We keep the website up to date with any available animals. We guarantee goats are healthy when they leave the farm, but there is no warranty beyond that. All animals, except wethers, will come with ADGA registration papers. Kids will be weaned at about 8 to 10 weeks of age. If goats stay beyond 30 days of puchase, a small daily boarding fee will be added of $2/day.

To be added to a breedings waiting list requires no deposit until after the kids are born.

If tranportation is needed, buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, any health testing required, and crate (if flying).

Deposits are Non-Refundable.


Wethers (castrated bucks) = $100 each or $75 each for 3+

ADGA Registered Kids = $350+

ADGA Adult Does/Bucks = $350+

Prices will depend on the rating and accomplishments of the goat and its parents.

Discounts may be given to purchases of 3 or more goats.

kyeema ridge black velvet