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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We strive to breed top quality ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Sorry, I do not breed to outside does for biosecurity reasons.

Our herd tested clean for CAE, CL, and Johnes in June 2021 through WADDL.


Current Bucks

To learn more about each of our bucks, please click on their picture.

FeatherNScale Tart Elk
FeatherNScale Tart Elk
Honey Locust Farm Not My Parti *B

honey locust farm not my parti

Flat Rock's Silver Dragon

t rock's silver dragon

Meadowmist IV Instigator *B
meadowmist instigator
Craftmade Manor HR Sweet Tango Jaffa *B

craftmade manor hr sweet tango jaffa

photo courtesy of Craftmade Manor

Lesperance Time 2 Parti
lesperance time to parti


Retired Bucks

Sinai Thunder AD Alabanzo +*B


photo courtesy of sinai thunder


Bucks (Frozen Semen)

Not For Sale

Old Mountain Farm Magik Dragon

old mountain farm magik dragon

Photo courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

Old Mountain Farm Shrove 2ZDay *B

old mountain farm shrove 2zday

Photo courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

Old Mountain Farm Okapi

old mountain farm okapi

Photo courtesy of Engle Acres

Oak Apple Ardent

oak apple ardent

Photo courtesy of Armells Creek



Reference Bucks

Cedar View Maximus *B
cedar view maximus